Where and How To Fly

  • Typically I fly to whichever airport has an airline giving me the best deal. And trust me, some flights aren't just cheap, they're STUPID CHEAP. I'm not lying when I tell you that I flew four people down to FLL direct from Hartford for $120 total. That's right, not $120 each, $120 for four people to fly roundtrip. STUPID CHEAP. Spirit Airlines and Frontier are the most reasonable airlines I have come across. Spirit flies into FLL and Frontier flies into MIA. But look around because JetBlue, American and Delta have all had some great deals to these airports. One thing I am a stickler about is flying non-stop. I pretty much refuse to fly multiple legs when possible.
  • My personal favorite is Spirit Airlines from BOS to FLL. I know some people have problems with Spirit and want to trash talk them for this and that. My opinion is that its BS. I'm not saying Spirit is a top of line, fancy airline with a ton of amenities. I'm saying that they are a budget friendly airline who is exactly who they say they are. They are no thrills, make you pay for anything extra and are not afraid to admit it.
  • Something else that has worked well for me when flying the cheapest is to book one-way fares on different airlines. For whatever reason, some airlines might offer their one way flight at a much lower rate in one direction and not as cheap of a rate in the other direction. I've also been known to fly one direction in or out of MIA while the other direction is in or out of FLL. Believe it or not, the car rental agencies do not have much, if any, surcharge for picking up and dropping off between the two locations. Most car agencies are represented at both airports.
  • Packing For Your Flight. If you want to fly cheap you need to pack light. I NEVER pay extra for a carry-on or check-in. I have a backpack that specifically qualifies as my "personal item" which all airlines give you at no additional charge. A few pairs of shorts, a couple bathing suits, undies and I'm done. Anything long sleeve or pants that I might need in the event there's a cool breeze, I wear to the airport (that's assuming its cold in Boston). The Florida Keys is ALWAYS warm. It the only place in the U.S. where people use the term "I'm driving up to Miami."

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