Breezy Palms

  • Breezy Palms is my go-to place when I come to Islamorada. Its a place where I like to stay and where we put our entire crew for a week when we host the Islamorada Half Marathon weekend in December. The location is as good as it gets in the village and close to everything. It sits direct oceanfront, has a large beach with lounge chairs and grills, a tiki hut, a pool and a huge concrete dock to hang out on that even the most expense hotels don't have. They have cheap boat slips as well if you plan to bring your boat down.

    The room decor is what you should expect from a budget hotel, old school. Which I'm totally cool with as the place is clean. But most importantly, the rooms are big and most come with a full kitchen and separate bedroom. Its nice when you're on a budget and not forced to eat out every meal.

    As far as pricing, if you come off peak you can grab a motel room for as cheap as $79/night. Those rooms are the only small ones and don't come with a kitchen. Most rooms range from $109 for the Bungalow to $159 for the Poolside rooms and all have kitchens. You can spend a little more if you want similar rooms that are directly facing the ocean. Breezy Palms is hands down the best, cheapest hotel in Islamorada.

Other notable places to stay on a budget:

  • Kon-Tiki Resort. Similar pricing structure to Breezy Palms that offers a range of various rooms, most include a kitchen. Also in a great location in the village, Kon-Tiki sits bayfront rather than oceanside. Some people prefer one or the other. Both are great and appeal to most. The pros to bayfront is the ability to watch sunset from your hotel and more often has calmer waters than oceanside.
  • Drop Anchor and Fisher Inn. These are two small hotels next to each other on Windley Key. Windley Key is an island that is on the northern part of Islamorada between Snake Creek and Whale Harbor Bridge. Both these hotels have been under new management and have recently renovated all their rooms. However, they keep their prices low with rooms as cheap as $110-$150 per night. Both are oceanside and close to bars such as Hog Heaven, the OV and World Famous Tiki Bar at Postcard Inn (formerly Holiday Isle).
  • Nice resorts in Islamorada such as Postcard Inn, Amara Cay, Pelican Cove, La Siesta, Islander and even Cheeca Lodge. These place are all really nice and can be read about HERE. Typically these are not the cheapest but its quite possible you will find a room within your budget if you happen to be traveling off-peak during the days and months I suggest in this article. One thing to note, however, is that all these resorts have a daily resort fee that may not reflect in the total price when you search.

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